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Welcome Welcome

Welcome to the MY.hbu.edu Portal!

Houston Baptist University's goal for the portal is to provide our users (Students, Faculty and Staff) access to the information that is important - Email, Learning Management System (Blackboard), Records (HuskyNet), University News (announcements) and other information. With this new portal system, it is now possible to only need ONE username and password for the portal and all of the other "doorways" will be available to you without the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

Here's how it works:
After you log-in above, look to the icons in the top left corner.  Those are the doorways.  Then note the "Edit Preferences" link just under the icons, then read the instructions just under the link.  Follow those instructions and supply the portal with your Usernames and Passwords for each icon.  From then on, the portal will remember who you are and open those doorways for you...  From any computer, from on campus or off campus!

Where is my stuff?
Change is good sometimes, especially when the technology works.  But we know that it's also frustrating when you can't find the information you remember last time you were here.  For now, we have transfered the content that was in the previous portal to this new portal, so the location of items from the old portal is mostly still true of this new one.

Anything else?
There will be more additions in the near future as we test and evaluate features.  We are also interested in what you want in your portal to make it easier to get to the information you need.  Look to the top tabs for "Feedback" and send us your suggestions, your dislikes and your dreams.